03 november 2005

I know all about marriage - I wrote the book!

Just ja, skulle ju tipsa om nåt askul till helgen.

The Melrose Place Drinking Game


- Amanda shows up at someone's door to chew them out - Extra gulp if it's about the rent. Two extra gulps if it's about the rent and the person is in the middle of a tragedy or personal crisis.

- One drink for every time Jake gets angry at his girlfriend yet, in a fit of jealousy/rage/stupidity, ends up having sex with her on his desk at Shooters.

- Amanda says "How Dare You..." - 3 drinks.

- Kimberly tells Megan she can have Michael.

- Jo whines - extra gulp if she runs fingers through hair while whining.

- Amanda greets someone as "You bastard" or "You bitch" - one drink; if someone greets her that way- two drinks.

- Michael utters those three words, “Chief of Staff," in succession - 1 drink. Two drinks if anyone other than Michael or Peter mentions that all too temporary job.

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